Hope is only Loneliness

I wait around hoping I would catch your eye
Now darling I
I am no good at that

My mind tells me that I want you as part of a pair
So I
I try to interact

The hope that you bring to my life is more
Than I knew exists
In these modern times

But hope is all that pins my brain down to the floor
So I
I have come to resign

It's one o'clock in the afternoon
We're drunk enough and if not we will be soon
I want to kiss you I want to feel you near
But I am so afraid
You'll say
It is still
My turn to be alone

Modern times are all we have
They say all modern things are bad
Theorists say your only choice
Is to stick your flag
On a sinking boat.
And I
Wish you
Would sink to the bottom with me

They say people our age can only
Care about themselves
That all these I's and lack of we's will lead
To a breakdown of reality
And I
Wish your I
Could be a we with me

And if the end of it all is as close as they say
Then I'm afraid of dying alone
At a time when hope is all I have in life
So I
Wish you
Would just not pass me by

It's three o'clock in the afternoon
I'm drunk enough and you will be soon
You looked into my eyes and my nerve wasn't there
And all I could say was I know I'm not what you want,
or you need or you care
But please, please, please

Please, please, don't pass me by
Please, please, don't pass me by

I know it's not fair I know it's not right
To think you would want to spend your nights with me
When I can't even stand myself
When I can't stand by myself
And I wish I could be something more
And I wish I could be something more
To you
To you
To make you care

That modern times are all we have
They say all modern times are bad
So I give you this thoroughly modern choice
You can stay with me or just leave me alone


from Inadequacy, released November 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Passive Tourist Salt Lake City, Utah

One person making sounds in Salt Lake City, UT


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